Welcome to my website. I’m an industrial copywriter, a specialized form of B2B communication.

Are you looking for an experienced writer for B2B (business to business) writing for projects such as White Papers, case studies, and editorial/content marketing? These types of writing are crucial to your bottom line and should be a part of your marketing strategy (usually called a marketing “funnel”). Do you want to hire a writer who is experienced, meets deadlines, and has in-depth knowledge of your industry? Do you need a real partner in developing your content? Let me tell you how I can fulfill your writing needs, and exceed your expectations.

The right message is essential in your marketing strategy, and that’s where I can help. Here are a few examples of the types of content you might need for your strategy:

Content Marketing:

Web-based articles, newsletters, brochures, customer stories (case studies) and testimonials to nurture leads.

Web and Email:

Special reports, subscription offers, e-newsletters, and blog posts in the customer acquisition process.

Print Copy:

Brochures, flyers, case studies, White Papers, and product reviews for web downloading, or printed materials for trade shows, etc.